Pre-Planning is a way of making sure that your funeral is going to be done the way you would want, and that your family does not have to deal with setting your funeral up in the time of grief. Throughout the process of Pre-arrangements you will go through everything that will be involved in the funeral or cremation. An appointment will be set up in which you will come to the funeral home and meet with one of our funeral directors and they will help you through the whole process of pre-arranging.

Pre-planning includes:

1. What kind of service you want which includes Traditional Funeral, Direct Cremation or Cremation with services.

2. Selection of the casket or urn will take place and also you will write out what you would like to have in your obituary.

3. Paying for the funeral.

a) Your funds for the funeral will be put into a secured irrevocable funeral trust fund. By putting your money into a funeral trust fund you are securing that your funeral will be completely paid for and that there will be no financial problems for your family at the time of your funeral.

b) By paying for the funeral when you pre-arrange for it you will be paying for how much it costs at that time. If the cost for the funeral is more at the time of the funeral than how much you paid at the time of your pre-arrangement, you will not have to pay extra.